Leader Home Centers offers several different types of in-stock decking materials.

  • Trex Transcend® composite
  • Trex Select® composite
  • Cedar
  • Pressure-treated southern yellow pine

Now you can design your own deck with the Trex Deck Design Tool. It's easy and it's free!   ( Be sure to read Important Notes below. )

The Deck Design software allows you to customize the size & shape of the deck, including adding curves and multiple levels. Change the color and style of the decking, railing and support structure. Even add walls, complete with windows and doors.

At the end, you will receive a complete Deck Design Report.


  • Deck layout
  • Parts identification
  • Glossary of terms
  • Basic installation tips
  • Tools required
  • Materials list



Important Notes -

The Trex Deck Design program is a Java® application. You must have a copy of the JRE (Java Runtime Environment) on your system to run Java applications.

That being said, the Department of Homeland Security urges computer users to disable Java when surfing the internet.

March 05, 2013 - The U.S. Department of Homeland Security reiterated advice for computer users to disable Oracle Corp.'s widely used Java software for surfing the Web, saying it contains multiple vulnerabilities which are being actively exploited.

"Unless it is absolutely necessary to run Java in web browsers, disable it as described below, even after updating to version 7u17. This will help mitigate other Java vulnerabilities that may be discovered in the future."

While the Trex website and the Trex Deck Design program are safe, you may want to enable Java only for certain websites.


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